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Megacities – Infographic

megacities infographic

Megacities are urban centers inhabited by at least 10 million people, there are currently 28 megacities worldwide, 12 of which exceeded the threshold of 20 million people*. Many of these cities have grown fast and unequal, bringing serious problems such as poverty and pollution. The challenge of megacities is to optimize the space, manage transportation, quality of life, the production of goods and services. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Preppers: waiting for doomsday – Infographic

Preppers Infographic

They stock weapons and ammo, build bunkers, get survival training, store food, water and fuel, they don’t mind being the cause of surprise or laughter of others because, when the time comes, they will laugh at us.

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A graphic tribute to Edgar Allan Poe on his 203rd birthday

Edgar Allan Poe

This January 19, 2012 we celebrate 203 years of the birth of writer Edgar Allan Poe, famous for his extensive literary work that has been translated into all major languages ​​in the world.

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